Comart and Aida Partners Ogilvy Pr announce a new partnership that reinforces their vocation towards a multidisciplinary and complete sustainability; the Agencies have decided to start a structured collaboration based on sustainable marketing, to accompany companies towards a path of sustainability at 360 °.

Comart is the result of the experience of Filippo Sciacca, expert in Marketing and Circular Economics, consolidated in large companies (Henkel, Ferrero, etc.) which, over time, has developed a particular approach to sustainability, then matured into a real business model based on the Corporate Shared Value: Socio-Territorial Marketing (MST).

Within Aida Partners Ogilvy PR, Filippo Sciacca will collaborate directly with the area “sustainability and civil economy” directed by Riccardo Taverna, with the aim of locating and realizing the sustainable commitment of companies, proposing projects that bring them closer to the citizens and the territory hosting them through socially useful and relevant activities at the local level.

“I formalized the socio-territorial marketing model starting from my corporate experience”, says Filippo Sciacca, founder of Comart. “It is based on the awareness of how essential the proximity to the territory is to engage citizenship and make it active, involving it within its own communication strategies”.

If properly engaged, in fact, it is the population itself to become an ambassador of their message to the identified stakeholders, favoring their rapid diffusion. It is precisely the centrality of the territory and its population that creates the conditions for this partnership.

I believe that with Comart a strategic partnership”, says Alessandro Paciello, President of Aida Partners Ogilvy PR. “We have decided to join the social-territorial marketing model because we believe that it completes our expertise and our consulting offer on sustainability, which starts from the definition of values ​​and strategy, through multi-channel communication, up to the engagement and measurement of the impact on stakeholders “.

Aida Partners Ogilvy PR is a business communication company founded in 1995, composed of over 30 professionals able to assist the client, with an analytical and strategic approach, in all areas of communication. In July 2008, it officially became part of the Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide international communications network.

Comart founded in 2002, is head and heart, creates strategic projects with passion and ethics.
Sustainable Marketing, Corporate Shared Value and Circular Economy are our peculiarities. The ability to imagine alternatives and anticipate changes is Comart’s greatest strength. We innovate through the original Socio-Territorial Marketing model, creating sustainable actions of proximity