Comart and Skinceuticals: Beauty Renovation
Local Social Marketing supports Beauty

2017 is the year of the affirmation of the original Socio-Territorial Marketing model.
L’Oréal Italia, a company that has always been a symbol of beauty, has chosen Comart for a Socio-Territorial Marketing project with the aim of restoring beauty to the works of art of some important Italian cities.
L’Oréal, a symbol that has always been a symbol of beauty, sets itself among its objectives from now to 2020 to make sustainability the fundamental value of the brand and shares it through its mission: Sharing beauty with all.
Specifically, the project is Beauty Renovation of SkinCeuticals, a brand that has always been committed to improving the appearance of the skin through treatments resulting from the most advanced scientific research.
The project “Beauty Renovation: science renews beauty” aims to restore splendor to the Italian cultural heritage through the restoration of three statues damaged by pollution and exposure to atmospheric aggressions. From 7 April to 15 May 2017 on the Facebook page of SkinCeuticals (@SkinCeuticalsItalia), consumers can vote for their favorite statue choosing among 5 important Italian works selected thanks to the Ministry of cultural heritage assets: “Civiltà Italica” in Verona, “Dovizia “In Florence,” Cleopatra “at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome,” The light illuminates the herm of Giovanni Migliara “in Milan and” La Melusina “in Genoa.
The three most voted will be “cleaned up” by the patron brand through a restoration operation and with a monetary contribution donated to the Superintendencies of the cities concerned.
The project involves consumers through a “direct” choice of the statues to be restored, has a great social value because it brings the brand closer to the final consumers who become ambassadors of the brand values.
Through the creation of shared value (Corporate Shared Value – CSV) the Social-Territorial Marketing (MST) is a tool that is increasingly necessary for companies that care about the communities of their consumers.
MST is a model of innovative social responsibility that introduces the concept of proximity of non-profit action to the final consumer through the implementation of socially useful and relevant activities for the territory. MST takes a strategic role in sustainable competitiveness.
Because citing Prof. Leonardo Bechetti, the key to primary change consists in “becoming citizens” consumers “who increase the level of economic democracy and reward virtuous companies on the social and environmental level today those who decide the fate of the economy are the consumers themselves , who hold the power to reward those who combine economic value and sustainability “.