Comart and Skinceuticals: Beauty Renovation
Local Social Marketing supports Beauty

2017 is the year of the affirmation of the original Socio-Territorial Marketing model.
L’Oréal Italia, a company that has always been a symbol of beauty, has chosen Comart for a Socio-Territorial Marketing project with the aim of restoring beauty to the works of art of some important Italian cities.
L’Oréal, a symbol that has always been a symbol of beauty, sets itself among its objectives from now to 2020 to make sustainability the fundamental value of the brand and shares it through its mission: Sharing beauty with all.
Specifically, the project is Beauty Renovation of SkinCeuticals, a brand that has always been committed to improving the appearance of the skin through treatments resulting from the most advanced scientific research.
The project “Beauty Renovation: science renews beauty” aims to restore splendor to the Italian cultural heritage through the restoration of three statues damaged by pollution and exposure to atmospheric aggressions. From 7 April to 15 May 2017 on the Facebook page of SkinCeuticals (@SkinCeuticalsItalia), consumers can vote for their favorite statue choosing among 5 important Italian works selected thanks to the Ministry of cultural heritage assets: “Civiltà Italica” in Verona, “Dovizia “In Florence,” Cleopatra “at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome,” The light illuminates the herm of Giovanni Migliara “in Milan and” La Melusina “in Genoa.
The three most voted will be “cleaned up” by the patron brand through a restoration operation and with a monetary contribution donated to the Superintendencies of the cities concerned.
The project involves consumers through a “direct” choice of the statues to be restored, has a great social value because it brings the brand closer to the final consumers who become ambassadors of the brand values.
Through the creation of shared value (Corporate Shared Value – CSV) the Social-Territorial Marketing (MST) is a tool that is increasingly necessary for companies that care about the communities of their consumers.
MST is a model of innovative social responsibility that introduces the concept of proximity of non-profit action to the final consumer through the implementation of socially useful and relevant activities for the territory. MST takes a strategic role in sustainable competitiveness.
Because citing Prof. Leonardo Bechetti, the key to primary change consists in “becoming citizens” consumers “who increase the level of economic democracy and reward virtuous companies on the social and environmental level today those who decide the fate of the economy are the consumers themselves , who hold the power to reward those who combine economic value and sustainability “.


Thank bollards in water on Rio Mare project has been possible to reduce by 80% the illegal trawling the coast, 14 sea turtles Caretta caretta rescued and cared for only in 2016, the return of the monk seal in the Sicilian coast. These are the results of the three-year project conducted in Egadi Islands through collaboration between Marine Protected Area, the largest marine reserve in the Mediterranean, and Rio Mare.dissuasori-antistrascico-amp-egadi-5 “This collaboration – says Stefano Donati, director of ‘Egadi Islands Marine protected Area – is a very important signal of how Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives can support protected areas and the public authorities in carrying out its mandate. “

“In these three years – he added – the support of Rio Mare is allowing us to strengthen the most important underwater habitat protection, Posidonia and preservation of two symbolic Mediterranean species. And the results are absolutely exceptional: nowhere else in Italy, illegal fishing has been reduced to this extent; as well as immeasurable is the figure for the return to Italy of the monk seal. ” The initiative, one of the first of its kind in duration and investment made by individuals in Italy, aims to protect biodiversity and to promote sustainable management of natural resources of the territory. In particular the intervention of Rio Mare provides for the funding of three projects: the protection of the oceanic Posidonia, the Observatory’s management of the Mediterranean monk seal in Punta Troia Castle in Marettimo and support to the First Aid Center of Marine Turtles in the Palazzo Florio Favignana.

Among the actions undertaken, the placement of bdissuasori-antistrascico-AMP-Egadi-5ollards 20 antistrascico ripopolanti, to reduce illegal fishing that disturbs the seabed, destroying the oceanic Posidonia and severely reduces the fish. The laying in the water of 20 bollards Rio Mare allowed to carry on the coastal protection work already begun by the Marine Protected Area in 2013 with the aim to increase fish stocks and protect the Posidonia Oceanica, the “green lung” of the Mediterranean, in addition to providing shelter and nutrients to countless species, contrasts coastal erosion, fighting climate change and global warming.

During the next year is planned to lay another 20 bollards in order to complete the protection of the Marine Protected Area.

The three-year project will also support the management of the Observatory of the Mediterranean monk seal in Punta Troia Castle in Marettimo, to monitor the presence of this species in the archipelago, the most protected and vulnerable of the Mediterranean. Last winter a subadult specimen of Foca has been sighted and documented by a photo of the seven traps that Rio Mare has helped set up in the caves of the Egadi Islands.

f9a85971b9b68ba8e85e243f623d4401The return of the monk seal in Italy is a unique event: the winter sighting is in fact the sign of a permanent presence and the documentation of this species in the archipelago Sicilian plays a strategic role for its conservationist value, given its rarity and lack of information about his presence in our seas. The third project, support for the First Aid Center of Marine Turtles, located in the Palazzo Florio Favignana, has paid off. This year alone were rescued and hospitalized 14 turtles Caretta caretta who had been injured or have found themselves in trouble because of plastic ingestion or fishing line, interactions with floating debris, or collisions with boats. The recovery facility also serves an important function of the visitor center, environmental education center and teaching laboratory: in the first nine months of 2016, the center has welcomed more than 2,000 visitors.

Sammontana Italia has presented its path towards increasing environmental sustainability of its business activities, on March 26th in Milan, together with the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea. The objectives and initial results of the project launched in mid-2016 for the measurement, compensation and reduction of the environmental impact (carbon footprint) of its main product, the well-known and beloved Barattolino, were illustrated.

One of the areas defined was the identification of better “carbon management” criteria and support for the implementation of low emission technologies and good practices in production processes and consumption throughout the life cycle of products / services.

In order to give a tangible and recognizable signal of its commitment, Sammontana has chosen the Socio-Territorial Marketing model of Comart declined in “Clean the beach near your home” with the support of Legambiente in the cleaning campaign of the beaches of the Italian regions .

Consumers will choose, through a contest on Facebook, the beach to be cleaned in their region, on the basis of a selection of three beaches indicated by Legambiente and will actively participate in the most voted beach cleaning flash mob. The company will involve its employees in the cleaning of the 15 beaches, with a view to consistent sharing of values.

Therefore, 2017 sees Sammontana an active and relevant part in the legacy of Legambiente in the Spiagge and Fondali Puliti campaign. The operation will start on 26-27-28 May.

Loriano Bagnoli, president of Sammontana Italia, said: “The path launched for Barattolino is the best testimony to the value of Respect that has guided us in our business history and which today takes on a new color, the green one of the commitment that

Institutions, companies, consumers, citizens all are called to exercise for their future and for that of the generations to come. “Today more than ever, this sensitivity, which has always been present in the DNA of Sammontana Italia and the Bagnoli family, emerges as a factor competitive and successful, because it has resulted in the company’s voluntary choice of a direct and lasting contribution to greater environmental sustainability.

“The Socio-Territorial Marketing proves to be a valid tool to involve Consumers in socially useful and relevant activities in the territorial communities”, adds Filippo Sciacca, creator of the MST model.

The Socio-Territorial Marketing supports the Brand Reputation of Sammontana and makes sure that the consumer involved in the activity becomes an Ambassador of the positive values ​​of the activity and of the company.

The Socio-Territorial Marketing is part of a strategic corporate path in which the value of sustainability remains at the first point.